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When You Take Action This Process Works,
But Don’t Take My Word For It. 

Here are a few examples of how my strategy has positively impacted relationships.

I did the Deep Dive with Sharlene because I was having trouble in my relationship and I didn’t feel able to talk to my partner about it and I didn't really want to talk to anyone else about it.


She created such a wonderful safe space for me to talk honestly about my feelings


And at the same time was able to show me ways in which I can improve the situation, even without having to demand anything from him, which has been a huge help in my life going forward - thank you so much!

A.K, Germany

I met the man of my dreams shortly after we finished our sessions and I don't think I would ever have met him if I hadn't the guts or courage to end my previous relationship... you helped me find that courage

Lacy Reefer, Spain

(Regarding my relationship), I feel it is definitely in a better place than it was prior to the coaching. I´ve learned useful tools to understand myself and my boyfriend better and the importance of focusing on the good... I definitely feel a lot more gratitude and more compassionate towards him and the coaching has helped me pinpoint the things that matter most to me, specific actions that I value and he values which are simple but powerful.

Bianca Dawson, Spain

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