We all know we are only here once (this time around, at least!) and most of us are aware of wanting to make the most of this life

But life often gets in the way.  With so many demands on our time, we have forgotten how or find it difficult to turn our attention to the things that matter most to us, whether that be our partner, family, friends, our leisure pursuits, or even our relationship with ourselves! So often we end up tired, stressed, frustrated, depressed, anxious, judgemental (of ourselves and others), and angry.  What happened to our carefree selves that seemed to disappear from childhood?  We spend so much time experiencing negative emotions and often have forgotten the last time we experienced true joy, happiness, love and laughter.


Most of us find ourselves experiencing more negative than positive emotions - anger, jealousy, bitterness, regret, sadness, depression, anxiety, boredom, guilt and shame.

Sometimes you wonder what the point of it all is, or you imagine that in some future moment, this will change, if you could just finish this, do that, have this, get the kids to adulthood, resolve your past issues.  The truth is, experiencing positive emotions is an internal practice, not about our external experiences.  Did you know that many of our emotional experiences are just habits?  We have never been taught HOW to experience life through a lens of positive emotions and we think that the way we experience life is set and we can't change it.


Sometimes, it just takes a new approach, a different point of view, a change in perspective that enables us to focus on the emotions that we want more of, rather than working on 'getting rid of' the emotions we don't want to feel

I can help you find ways to focus on bringing more emotions that you want to feel to your relationship with others, be it family, friends, at work or even with yourself.  Through various strategies and exercises,  you can practise positive emotions so that they become the habit rather than always experiencing negative ones (although these are important to feel too!) - give yourself more happiness, peace, fufilment... whatever you want to feel more of in your life. You will notice an improvement in your relationships with those around you,  making most of the life you have in front of you and giving it more meaning, no matter what your past experiences have been.