• Sharlene Halbert

Want more love, connection, happiness?

Happiness is directly related to the quality of your relationships. And there is no better place to start than with the relationship with yourself. We are used to looking at what mistakes we make, how to “fix” ourselves, how to “fix” others, how to “get rid of” what is negative, when if fact, success in building stronger relationships and happier lives may be as easy as focussing on the opposite! By identifying what your strengths already are and finding even more ways to use them, learning to build on what we are already good at, and by seeing what you think is a “weakness” for what it is - something we have used as survival at some point in our lives - we can create change in so many areas, bringing more happiness, fulfillment, joy. Through building up our qualities, instead of tearing down what we don’t like, we can transform our experience of ourselves and of those around us.

Image thanks to Khadeeja Yasser - Unsplash

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