Sharlene Halbert was my coach for 5 months at a time when I was in a very vulnerable and fragile situation.  Her guidance, support, vision and expertise enabled me to become stronger and more stable emotionally, more organised and motivated in my career and increased my self-confidence.  The habits I began with Sharlene have enabled me to plan more successfully and become more organised and the whole process for me was extremely positive, useful and uplifting.  Thank you Sharlene for helping me improve my life in many ways!"


Colour Stylist

Small Business Owner

Barcelona, Spain

When I started Coaching with Sharlene I was feeling completely down after undergoing years of personal pain, and needed some help to move on. I wanted to make a career change, but my self-esteem was below zero after a burnout. This journey gave me the tools and techniques I needed to feel empowered to take the big step to quit my job, overcoming all my deepest fears. I have just presented my resignation and next month I will finally be free to start a new, healthier stage of my life.



Barcelona, Spain

I started my coaching sessions because I believed I could do better in life in general but also because I wanted to change my professional career. The first few sessions I focus on identifying what I wanted to do professionally. Then my mum died and I was devastated, so my priorities changed and I had to focus on dealing with the funeral and all the things involved. It has been a very challenging period of my life emotionally and physically.


Life Coaching with Sharlene has helped me decide what I want to do with my life. I have made an incredible progress in my life.  I have kept a journal and can look back and see where the coaching has helped me with making decisions based on my needs, letting go of guilt and on how to stop ineffective ways of thinking and implement positive patterns of behaviour. But one of the most helpful things I have learned is to how to stay focused on my goals.  


The results have exceed my expectations. Sharlene can help anyone who is going through any life situation.  I highly recommend Sharlene as an excellent Life Coach.


I cannot thank Sharlene enough for the wonderful insight, so beautifully worded in a holistic way and for all the support and encouragement along the way.



Events Management

Barcelona, Spain