I began coaching with Sharlene over a period of 5 months meeting on average once every two weeks.


I came with some practical needs to learn how to better organise myself, but during the sessions Sharlene also helped me work through some very personal issues that I was having with how I viewed myself as a person and how to deal with my ex- partner after a recent separation. Through the coaching I learnt some incredibly useful tools.


The result has been more than I had expected, Sharlene works in a very holistic way supporting you all the way while driving and steering you towards achievable goals and motivating you to reach your objectives.


I now feel I know myself better as a person. I can now stop old ineffective ways of thinking and implement more helpful, positive thought patterns.  I can motivate myself and most importantly, find the joy in my own achievements.


It has been an incredibly valuable experience of personal growth and it is very comforting to know Sharlene is there for future guidance, if I so wish.   


Sophie Heydel

Actress, Business Owner


So often dreams, ambitions, plans are firing around inside our head. In the rush of life we may not even recognise them or allow them a voice. So on we go, running in a direction we don’t really want to run in, releasing energy into things that are far away from our true selves.

It's not an uncommon place for many. But here is where the expertise of a life coach can come in, if you are fortunate to find one who knows where you are, where you want to be and can help you to get there.

I was fortunate enough to meet with Sharlene.


Probably, it was the first time l stopped and connected with what l hungered to do, untapped potential, unfulfilled plans and no idea how to make them materialise, or even whether l could.


Sharlene helped me realise l didn’t have to be short- changed, that my desires and ambitions deserved a voice. And equally importantly, helped to determine the steps l needed to put into place to reach my goals.

I came away feeling that l had breathed fresh air, l had a different concept of myself and was filled with an energy that any door could be opened. That same week l performed tasks that had been shelved for years. The sense of accomplishment and sheer delight generating into more energy and eagerness to continue with the next step.

I was fortunate enough to benefit from Sharlene's expertise, her positivity and her energy that makes you feel all is within your reach - in addition to her practical approach, without which, dreams would remain dreams.

I invite others to see for themselves!


Education Specialist