Hi, I'm Sharlene

Are you tired of feeling unhappy and unfulfilled?  Are your relationships stuck or worse, untenable? Do you long for more of something but you don't know what?


Sometimes I feel I was always supposed to be a Relationship Coach and that everything I have done was leading me here to support you in having the relationships you deserve and desire.

I grew up on a farm in Australia with 2 loving parents and 4 siblings.  As the middle child of 5, I experienced both being the eldest AND middle child of the family because of our age differences, and as we were all strong personalities, conflicts were common. Through some challenging experiences with friends and a particularly difficult relationship with one of my siblings, I struggled a little to know who I was and how to find the love I always desired, whilst maintaining my need to be different to others.


I was devastated by a particularly difficult and painful incident in my 40's with my brother, whom I love very much, that took 2 years to resolve enough for us to speak to each other. However,  I learned a lot about myself and the importance of not looking to others for approval of who I am,  while at the same time, just how important it is for me to keep my relationships healthy and balanced.


I also experienced a psychologically abusive relationship in my 30's that resulted in me moving to the other side of the country to live.  This relationship in particular rocked me, because I had always imagined myself as too strong to allow myself to be in a relationship of that kind.

I have lived and worked on 3 continents, in a variety of cities (I think it is now 11!) and in many jobs and professions, all of which were about contributing to others in some way. I love variety and change, and learning more about myself in the process (although that part is not always fun!)  I now live in Barcelona, Spain, where I have been since 2009.


Through all of my life experiences, I have discovered how strong, courageous and decisive I can be.   I have always looked for the support I needed at times of difficulty, including some wonderful coaches, friends and of course, my own mother (until her early and quick death from cancer in 2006) and other family members, in particular my sisters.  I have learned that taking responsibility for my own participation and contribution to the relationships that have been painful or difficult has given me the opportunity to forgive myself and others, and to make choices.  It means having a say in how I respond, react and act rather than being at the effect of someone else's behaviour (I am always practising that particular lesson!)  I have always been a person who looks for the best in things (not always immediately!) and despite having fears and doubts, like many of us do, I always ultimately look for what my next step is to make my relationships and life better. 

I inherited from both of my amazing parents, the desire to help others, to do something for the world, to contribute outside myself.  My journey to making my relationships stronger, especially with the incredible  man that finally showed up in my life when I was almost 50, is something that will be a constant journey.  To be able to take what I have learned, to learn more through the lens of a coach and to be able to  incorporate it into what I believe is so important - contributing to others - is my dream.  I look forward to supporting you in yours.